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Our God of Love,Mercy and Justice

OGOL1-B Our God of Love,Mercy and Justice

This book is a response to the teaching that God-does-not-kill. This concept states that for God Who, in His law, says, “Thou shalt not kill” (KJV); for Him to take life in any way would be totally, unequivocally, contrary to His law and character. God is consistent in character, each attribute harmonizing with every other. So love and mercy must be seen in justice, with no disharmony. In the study of this teaching it is relatively easy to go through the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy and choose the texts and quotations which “prove” your point of view. Using this approach, some have been able to make a strong case for themselves but what about those texts and statements that do not so easily fit into their teaching? In answer to this question Margaret Davis decided she would research, as thoroughly and carefully as she was able, the whole matter of the character of God without drawing any conclusions. The format of this book is a chapter-by-chapter approach from Genesis to Revelation, using only the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. A prayerful study of this book will help the reader in their study of Divine Truth. Margaret Davis PB 186 Pg.





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